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Your company is at risk

Just think about it...

Your cloud accounts are exposed to anyone

More than 90% of logins at "online retailers" come from hackers. (2018 Credential Spill Report, Shape Security)

The more online accounts your company has, the more access points to your data hackers get.

We all use weak passwords

People cannot create and remember passwords which are long, unique, and complex enough for each and every account they own.

Rather, to manage their accounts, people use weak passwords and reuse passwords for multiple accounts.

Did you know that '123456' is still the most widely used password?

You lose track of company data

To protect your company-sensitive and privacy-sensitive data you must know all the online accounts your employees have,
but you don't!

And you must protect them all with strong passwords,
but you can't!

Our goal is to improve worldwide internet security, by enforcing unique, very strong passwords, without the end user having to remember them.

No personal data is stored
ISAE3000 certified
Can be used anytime, anywhere

MindYourPass for organizations

Is a cyber security solution that provides insight and control over all online accounts used in your organization and enforces that they are protected with the strongest possible passwords.


MindYourPass enforces that all accounts are protected with the strongest passwords possible.


MindYourPass gives insight into where company / privacy sensitive information is stored.


MindYourPass gives GDPR-compliant controls to identify, contain and report a breach.

MindYourPass for end-users

Gives you password security wherever life takes you. Anywhere, anytime using any device.

One simple password

With MindYourPass, you only need one, easy-to-remember password for all your accounts.

Account protection

MindYourPass takes care of generating the strongest passwords possible for you.

Anywhere, anytime

MindYourPass works anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Free for personal use

Based on a fair-use policy, MindYourPass is free for personal use.

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